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The NBAFC continues to strive to improve legislation in areas of Training for our fire service as well as Fire Prevention & Safety Education to our Provincial Schools to educate our children in fire safety. Health and Safety is the number one priority of our fire fighters and we continue to meet with Government to stress the importance of providing our members with the most up to date equipment and regulations.

The NBAFC continue to deal with various Government Departments on a number of initiatives, but not limited to:

Some of our recent successes have included:

We would also encourage all members of the Fire Service, as well as interested citizens to utilize the NBAFC website as a tool to communicate with the various fire departments and government agencies. Communication is the key to safety in the home. The Fire Service is available to answer your questions.

As President of the NBAFC, I wish to take this opportunity to thank the citizens and businesses of New Brunswick for their financial support towards our annual campaign to assist in the training of our Fire Fighters.

The Fire Prevention Information and Activity booklet which is also obtained with this funding is distributed throughout the Provincial Schools and businesses to ensure our children are educated in the importance of fire safety and Prevention.

Thank you

Your President